How to Find a Reliable Foundation Repair Company in Houston, Texas

Foundation repair and home damage is something no one ever wants to deal with, however, sometimes natural events and such damage are unavoidable. This is especially true for anyone living in flood zones and affected areas from Hurricane Harvey and the damage it’s caused to Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

This Houston, Texas contractor resource guide was created to help homeowners and businesses find the necessary resources not just to rebuild, but to make sure they are working with reliable and trusted concrete and foundation companies in the process.

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It was Gordon B. Hinckley who said that “you can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure”. While he was referring to building a strong foundation in life, this saying has proven true in the way we build the foundations of our homes.

In 2017, most Texas homeowners were in tears as a result of the devastation caused by hurricane Harvey and Irma. In fact, National Hurricane Center has already declared 2017 as the most expensive year for homeowners and other people with structures to their name in Texas, Florida, and other coastal areas in the United States. The category 4 storm better known as Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas on August 25, 2017, caused untold damages and forced most Texas homeowners to rethink the way they build the foundation of their homes.

The damage caused by Harvey was put at $125 billion but that is not as bad as disruption of lives caused by structured that caved in when the Hurricane hit as a result of a weak foundation. What most homeowners don’t know is that the foundation is the most important part of a building. It is easy to fix a roof, a leaking pipe, or bathroom damage, but foundation damage will cost you a lot of money. It is a project you don’t want to repeat anytime soon.

You can’t just pick any type of contractor to design, build or repair your foundation; you need the best Texas home foundation experts if you want to build a solid home for the safety and peace of mind of your family. Hurricane isn’t the only thing that damages foundations; flood damage is more common in Texas. You can avoid these damages or at least significantly reduce their chances of re-occurrence when you make use of an experienced Texas foundation repair contractor. In this article, you will learn how to find the best foundation repair contractor for all your home foundation needs.

Things to Consider Before You Hire Someone To Fix a Foundation:

No matter if you are a homeowner, property owner, or a local business in the area — foundation repair is a complicated and expensive process. To help with the beginning stages of finding the right contractor and knowing what work needs to be done, we have listed some of the most common questions and topics you should be aware of.

What kind of damage do you need repairing?

  • Concrete is dirty or stained
  • Concrete is damp
  • Foundation cracked or broken
  • Wall is tipping
  • Edge is cracked or broken

In addition to knowing what type of damage you have, and how it needs to be repaired, you should also know answers to the following:

  • Is water present or leaking from the area in need of repair?
  • What is the size of the area in need of repair?
  • What is the estimated time to get your project started?
  • Do you have state funding, or what payment method is being used?
  • Ask if you can see previous work done by your contractor before signing?

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Concrete Foundation in Houston?

After going through each of the topics, data points, and questions above, you will then have a better understanding of the associated costs and time for your individual project. To help with an estimated cost, we provided the following details from HomeAdvisor, which actively works and reports estimates from nearly 100 different contractors in the Houston, Texas area.

  • Average Price to Repair a Concrete Foundation: $2,962 – $6,130
  • Average: $4,530
  • Low End: $1,000
  • High End: $8,500
  • Project Timeline: 3 Days – 4 Days
*Cost Data is based on actual project costs as reported by 97 HomeAdvisor members.
To get an actual estimate on your existing foundation or building issues, be sure to contact any of our listed contractors and repair companies below.

Foundation Repair and Concrete Slab Options

No matter if you are a homeowner, property owner, or a local business in the area — foundation repair is a complicated and expensive process. To help with the beginning stages of finding the right contractor and knowing what work needs to be done, we have listed some of the most common questions and topics you should be aware of.

Concrete Slab Repair

An uneven or damaged concrete slab can make or break your patio, sidewalk, or backyard area around your home – especially if it’s been there for a while. An outdoor area surrounding your home is one of the most important areas to keep groomed and well kept – it’s the first thing you, your family, your guests, and passerby on the street will see when they approach your home, so you want it to look great for first impressions, and since it’s you’ll be seeing it every day.

So if you have a concrete slab that needs repaired, it’s important to get it fixed before the damage spreads and before it starts affecting the look of your home. So what goes into getting concrete slabs repaired? At Abry Brothers, we’ve been helping homeowners keep their home exteriors maintained, and we’re passionate about helping you and your family make the necessary repairs in order to continue to love the home you’re in.

Why is it important to repair my damaged or cracked concrete slab?

If you’ve been staring at the same cracks in your driveway, sidewalk, or the even in the foundation of your home for years, it may not seem extremely vital or urgent to repair them. Especially when you’re estimating that the damage may be more extensive than it seems, you might not be eager to hire a company to start working on the repairs. However, repairing the damages is more important than you think – if you catch cracks and damages early, you can stop them from the process of spreading even further.

Concrete cracks are similar to cracks in glass – slowly but surely, they’ll spread over the course of time until you no longer have a handle on them. What might start out as a small little crack in your driveway can turn into a long, winding line all the way from your garage to the street in a few months or a year. It’s important to take action as soon as you start noticing damage, so that you can prevent further damage down the road.

In addition, repairing damages in your concrete is an investment in yourself, your family, and your home. By hiring professional help like the Abry Brothers, you’re making sure that your investment stays secure and worthwhile, and that your home remains a safe place to live.

If you’re not sure whether or not the damages in the concrete in your home needs repairing, or if you’d like an estimate on the estimated cost of fixing the damages, call us today. We’ll provide you with a free estimate and consultation on your specific project, and whether or not the damages are urgent or simply cosmetic and can wait on repairing for a few years. We provide honest, professional feedback and will take into consideration your specific situation and needs.

How will we repair your concrete slab?

First, we’ll assess your damages. We’ll look closely at what the specific situation is so that we can see where the most extensive damage is, and where we can easily repair smaller cracks or chips in your slab. We’ll first remove the loose pieces of concrete from your slab, taking away anything that’s loose or wiggly. We’ll discard those and then get ready to seal up the cracks in order to prevent those from spreading into the new concrete that we’re adding on later.

In sealing up the remaining cracks in your slab, we’re making sure that later on, once the new layer of concrete is poured on over top, the cracks won’t continue to spread and start cracking the new layer above them. This is a common problem you might see with doing a do it yourself version of our professional work on your repair – many people tend to think that pouring new concrete over top of the damaged concrete will take care of the problem. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case – if you don’t seal up the cracks beforehand, you’ll find yourself making more repairs in a short period of time because it’s not a fix-all solution.

How much will it cost to repair my concrete slab?

Each home is different, and each job is different. When we’re estimating the cost of your specific home project for fixing your concrete slab, we’ll take into consideration the size and scope of the damage first. We’ll be assessing how long the damage has been growing or been in place, how large of a surface area that the damage covers, and how deep the damage goes. The larger the surface area and depth of the damage, the more your project will cost. We always stress to our customers the importance of calling us early on, so that we can fix the damages before they grow out of control.

For resurfacing projects, it depends on the condition of the concrete slab that we’re working with – for example, repairing and resurfacing a 500 square foot area of concrete could range anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 dollars, depending on the specific situation and what the area looks like when we arrive.

If your damages are extensive and it’s vital for the safety of you and your family for us to complete the work as soon as possible, we may charge extra for completing the project in a short period of time. These types of projects are rare, but we will assess your situation independently and decide what’s best for you and your family at a fair cost.

Nearly all of the concrete and home foundation repair services mentioned below, offer free consultations and estimates, so give them a call and learn more about each of their associated costs and how to better understand the process of repairing your damaged concrete slabs. We’d love to help you connect with the best contractor and foundation repair company in your area, so you can make sure that your home looks the best it can.

Directory of Foundation Repair Companies in Houston, Texas
(866) 521-7056
1715 Reese St.
Houston, TX 77012

7 Brothers Foundation Repair
(713) 401-6612
210 West Thomas Avenue
Pasadena, TX 77506

All Seasonscape, LLC
(281) 869-2553
1802 Sterling Green Ct
Sugar Land, TX 77479

IDOFED Oil and Gas Services, LLC
(281) 869-1164
9675 SW Freeway
Houston, TX 77074

Tip Top Construction Company
(832) 462-0697
3502 Farmer Street
Houston, TX 77020

AAA Foundation Repair Service
(713) 467-8981
8538 Cedel Drive
Houston, TX 77055

CEO Concrete
(832) 353-4722
6200 Renwick Drive
Houston, TX 77081

Villegas Foundation Repairs
(281) 869-2007
5730 Timber Creek Place
Houston, TX 77013

Atlas Foundation Repair
(713) 641-4844
8945 Solon Rd
Houston, TX 77064

Ojeda’s Concrete
(832) 853-4709
310 Baldinger Street
Houston, TX 77011

FJB Concrete & Construction
(832) 455-8609
8444 Northern Street
Houston, TX 77071

CR Concrete Restoration & Waterproofing
(281) 406-6105
1005 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77055

Superior Grouting Services, Inc.
(281) 894-4175
8927 Meadow Vista Boulevard
Houston, TX 77064

Alfresco Custom Concepts, LLC
(713) 548-3788
12436 FM 1960 Road West, Unit 168
Houston, TX 77065

KGR & Co. Construction
(346) 804-2335
11426 Sagehollow Lane
Houston, TX 77089

Molander Group
(832) 977-0968
8901 Jameel Road
Houston, TX 77040

C&S Concrete, LLC
(713) 505-7064
14331 Eagle Pass
Houston, TX 77049

Green Grass Irrigation
(832) 801-7545
13530 Hampton Fall Drive
Houston, TX 77041

FAS Remodeling and More
(877) 411-0746
5443 South Crooked Creek Drive
Houston, TX 77017

Skymark Construction
(713) 894-5268
319 Tidwell Road
Houston, TX 77008

Hy-Tech Foundations, Inc.
(713) 686-1733
P.O. Box 55690
Houston, TX 77255

Isidoro Sprinklers
(281) 869-2672
8627 Kemp Wood Drive
Houston, TX 77080

A1A Moving
(832) 423-8395
3939 Synott Road
Houston, TX 77082

Alien Home Service
(832) 939-0003
11605 Biscayne Way
Houston, TX 77076

Permanent Solutions Plumbing
(281) 467-6495
1806 Whiteback Drive
Houston, TX 77084

Titan Structural Solutions, LLC
(281) 546-6601
5090 Richmond Avenue, Suite 260
Houston, TX 77056

If you would like to have your foundation and home repair company added to our directory, please use our contact page and we will address your request as soon as possible.